Designing Financial Solutions… because life is complicated enough!                             
Choosing a professional, experienced and trusted Financial Adviser is a big decision that can have a significant impact in defining your lifestyle now and into the future. 

At Designing Financial Solutions we understand the importance of building strong and lasting relationships. By working closely with you we can determine your Goals and Objectives and provide robust financial solutions to the achievement of these. 

Our comprehensive planning process ensures that we put in place appropriate measures to underpin your current situation and provide a strong foundation on which to build your financial future. 

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We can provide an appropriate superannuation fund for your needs taking into consideration such factors as your appetite for risk and previous investment experience. We are able to tailor an appropriate contribution strategy and determine whether you qualify to benefit from the Government co-contribution. We can ensure that your superannuation…

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We are able to provide a comprehensive insurance solution for you and your family. This can be structured inside or outside super (including SMSF’s) and can be written as a complete package or designed to work with any existing insurances. Life, Temporary & Permanent Disablement, Critical Illness/Trauma, Child Critical Illness,…

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The range of investments available in the market continues to grow. Separately Managed Accounts (SMA’s) are now available as readily as Managed Funds and Direct Fixed Interest offerings can be bought and sold alongside Direct Shares. We can provide advice on the most appropriate investments for your specific needs and…

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